Membership Rates

Benefit Basic
Active Pro
Included Studio Time 2 hours/month 8 hours/month 16 hours/month
Discount on Equipment Rentals 10% 15% 15%
Discount on Workshops & Events
Photo Assistant Opportunities
Wireless Internet Access
Copy/Fax/Print Services
Student/Intern Assistance  
Priority Reservation Booking  
Membership at the Roam Cafe
Optional for $25 per month
Mailing Address  
Real-time online reservations    
Voice Mailbox (optional)    
Private, Secured Storage    
Credit Card Merchant Account (optional)    


Studio Time

All members enjoy studio privileges as part of their membership benefits. Basic, Intermediate and Active Pro level members are allocated studio hours every month as part of the membership. These hours can be broken up and used as needed to schedule shooting time in the studio over the course of a month (one hour minimum). You can choose the program that works best for your shooting needs and purchase additional hours as needed ($25.00 per hour).

Conference Room

Members have access to the studio's private conference room, which has telephone service, hi-def widescreen LED TV, and wireless Internet access. Perfect for client conferences, sales consultations or general meetings of any kind.

Priority Reservation Booking

When you have a client that wants to book a job, you need to know right away if or when the studio is available. With our online reservation system, you can check studio availability from any computer or by calling the studio reservation line.

Mailing Address

You can choose to ship and/or receive parcels, packages and other correspondence using the studio's physical address. You will have your own mail box and access to our Shipping and Receiving facilities.

Voice Mailbox

We can set up a virtual voicemail box for you on our automated phone system. You will get an extension number attached to our main phone line. You can use this as your "studio phone number". Calls can be forwarded to your cell phone, or your messages retrieved remotely.

Private, Secured Storage

You will be able to securely store any equipment or props that you would like to leave at the studio, saving you the time of loading and unloading every time you shoot.


We offer an ongoing series of classes and workshops for all levels of experience: beginners, intermediate or advanced. These will be designed to provide an ongoing platform for skill development, continuing education and career advancement. All members will have opportunities to both learn and teach.

Photo Assistant Opportunities

If you're still in the development stage of your career, you will have the opportunity to work with some of our seasoned professionals to help you gain valuable experience. We will maintain a list of members that are interested in these opportunities as a resource for everyone.

Student/Intern Assistance

If you're a professional needing help with a project or job, we will maintain a list of members interested in working with you. We will evaluate and rate each member on the list so you have an idea of his or her level of knowledge and skills.

Membership at The Roam Café

We have created a partnership with the Roam Café. Located just a few blocks from the studio, you'll find a great, full service deli restaurant with high-speed wireless internet, well appointed, private, meeting rooms that include lighted white boards and LCD displays for doing client presentations, and access to copy, fax & printing. All of this provides a great atmosphere with which to meet clients when the studio is occupied. It's our little office away from home.

Discounts on Equipment Rentals

We have also teamed up with our friends at to make renting camera and lighting equipment quick, easy and affordable. Want a special lens or backup camera for an important job, or maybe just to "try before you buy"? All our members will receive priority and discounts.


Non-member Pricing

The studio is available to non-members at the following rates: